Windows Store, the app store for Windows 8, now has more than 20,000 applications since it was officially launched on November 26 along with the new version of Microsoft’s operating system. Here at Uptodown, we’ve been wanting to have a presence in this emerging market, and we have launched our own application.

Uptodown logo cabecera Uptodown now has an app for Windows 8

The application is completely free. It offers a list of the most downloaded programs on our portal. Also, by clicking on a link, you can see a complete description of the product as well as a link to the official page on our portal where you can download it.

The visual design flows directly from the appearance of the apps on the new Metro desktop, allowing you to use it the same way on traditional desktop computers as on mobile devices.

Uptodown app Uptodown now has an app for Windows 8

uptodown app 2 Uptodown now has an app for Windows 8

Download Uptodown for Windows 8


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