We’re constantly finding more and more Android games that provide challenges to put your logic skills to the test. These titles are packed with levels that make you think and keep you entertained with your smartphone. Drop It is the latest release from the studio One Tap and in it you’ll be immersed in different settings featuring a stick figure. In each one of the puzzles, your mission is to make it to the glass and break it into smithereens. It’s a simple but addictive gameplay thanks to a variety of settings and a progressively increasing difficulty.


Drop It and its variety of settings

The visuals in Drop It are eye-catching for its lovely combination of elements and shapes shown in each level. In each one of the puzzles you’ll find a ‘stickman’ doing a typical everyday action. In fact, in the lower left corner, you’ll even have a title representing each setting. Also in each challenge, you’ll find a glass container that you have to reach and break.


The way that you have to find your way to each one of the glasses is pretty fun. You’ll see that in the upper part of the screen you have various circular pieces that you can launch until they make their way to the glass container. In fact, it’s very important to consider the geometry of each surface that it comes into contact with. This way, you’ll be able to get these figures to bounce off the elements in the scene to reach the objective and break it into tiny pieces. Throwing the objects is simple since you just have to touch anywhere and lift your finger to let them fall.

Break the glass in as few moves as possible

It’s important to point out that the fewer pieces you throw to hit the glass, the more points you’ll get. That said, as you move onto the higher levels, you’ll have to think more carefully about the sequence of movements required to break the glass. This is one of the most fun aspects of Drop It, since the complexity increases in proportion with your experience in the game. There’s no doubt that this title is developed solely to keep you entertained while you invest your brain cells in solving the puzzles.


Drop It for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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