October 4th was a special day for lovers of Tex Mex around the world. For the official National Taco Day in the US of A, establishments around the country celebrated with a good dose of Mexican street food. Although we are a bit late to the party, we still wanted to contribute our selections of games where tacos are the main stars.

National Taco Day

What exactly is National Taco Day?

This symbolic day was born to celebrate one of the most popular fast foods in the United States. Tacos might well be Mexican, but their popularity in the world’s superpower has taken them to new heights. The origins of this festival for tortillas with various fillings aren’t that clear, although National Taco Day has now been celebrated around the country – and even outside it – for several years.

Much of this expansion is likely due to the popularity of Taco Bell, although you can find tacos in all sort of restaurants in the USA, not just Tex-Mex places. According to the official National Taco Day website, more than 4.5 billion tacos are eaten in the United States each year. Who can tell where that number actually came from, but it at least sounds plausible. Mexico has its own Taco Day, by the way, which it’s been observing since 2007, although on a different date: March 31.

Games for National Taco Day

We here at Uptodown also took part in Taco Day and to share the fun we picked out three games to observe it in top form. There’s space in the Android catalogue for all sorts of themes and a dish this famous was guaranteed to have its corresponding helping of games.

Mucho Taco

We’re looking at an idle clicker where you’ve got to tap your finger on the screen nonstop to make as many tacos as possible. The gameplay is standard for the genre and you go around unlocking tacos with different fillings the more you invest. A brightly colored game that should get a few smiles out of you as you endlessly make tacos. [Download]

Mucho Taco

Gunman Taco Truck

At the hands of the Romero family we’ve been given this odd mix of genres where you’ve got to make tacos for customers who come to your food truck and get money to invest in your caravan. And those investments are much-needed since you’ve got to travel around a dystopian United States rife with mutants who are trying to murder you. You’ll need to take up arms and kill them if you want to carry on distributing happiness in the form of tacos. A hilariously original premise that we went into greater depth on in our blog review. [Download]

Gunman Taco Truck

Burrito Bison Launcha Libre

OK, we fudged a bit by adding this game to our list, as it’s not strictly taco-related, but the Mexican food references and setting make it a terrific addition to this collection. And there’s a third perk: the game is super fun and we never get tired of recommending gems like this. [Download]

Burrito Bison Launcha Libre

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