Dawn of Isles, the new game from NetEase that’s similar to Breath of the Wild

An Android MMORGP with enormous production values, set on a tropical archipelago.

The Chinese giant NetEase is constantly climbing up the food chain in the world of videogames. NetEase covers practically all the bases, from releasing hits like Rules of Survival to working side by side with Blizzard (in fact, they’re the ones in charge of developing Diablo Immortal). In this case, their new game for mobile devices is an action adventure with MMORPG gameplay called Dawn of Isles. Its enormous production values, along with its style and setting that inevitably reminds us of the cell shading installments of the saga The Legend of Zelda, make it a diamond in the rough. The game is now available for iOS and Android globally.

dawn of isles featured Dawn of Isles, the new game from NetEase that's similar to Breath of the Wild

The game is beautiful, hands down. After choose from four character profiles, you’ll be immersed in a tropical adventure that mixes gameplay from RPG, crafting, and MMO in terms of social interaction. The combats in the game take place in real time using a virtual joystick, but the majority of the adventure is based on exploration and crafting materials. You can cut trees, grow food, build your house, break rocks to get minerals, or domesticate animals, along with other tasks.

dawn of isles screenshot 1 Dawn of Isles, the new game from NetEase that's similar to Breath of the Wild

Many of the game’s mechanics are enhanced through synergies with elements from the environment. So, mixing water, earth, fire, or air together will help give you original special skills and interactions with environment. Without a doubt, this all is incredibly reminiscent of Breath of the Wild. The references are clear.

dawn of isles screenshot 2 Dawn of Isles, the new game from NetEase that's similar to Breath of the Wild

That said, The game (which already includes English as a language option and multiple servers for EU, NA and SEA users) can be downloaded via XAPK without any geographic restrictions, although you will need a compatible package installer, like our official app.

Descarga Dawn of Isles for Android on Uptodown [XAPK] | Download


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