Last August, Activision confirmed that they’re working with Tencent to develop a new chapter to the Call of Duty saga that’s designed exclusively for smartphones. The head of product development is Timi — one of Tencent’s internal studios that previously worked on one of the two adaptations of PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) on Android. Recently, a few initial images were leaked including a couple of screenshots and a full video with gameplay, as it now appears that they’re working on a testing phase in China. And that’s all we know for now.

This new Call of Duty is a remix of several other chapters within the saga. From what we saw from the leaked images you’ll find already well-known maps of Black Ops like Nuketown, Highrise from Modern Warfare 2, Hijacked and Standoff. If that wasn’t enough, it looks like it’s highly possible that standard gameplay modes are going to be paired with a Battle Royale game of sorts which, in fact, is already included in the recent launch: Black Ops 4.

This is just one of the first colaborations between both studios that just like Bobby Kotic –CEO at Activision — announced a few weeks back. Currently Tencent owns 12% of the shares at Activision, and that includes Blizzards part. In fact, this studio has a strategic real-time MMO in the works that presumably is inspired by the Warcraft universe.

This isn’t the first smartphone game based on Call of Duty by any means. In fact, Call of Duty: Heroes was launched as a freemium title for iOS and Android at the end of 2014, offering a completely different perspective than usual for an RTS, almost like Clash of Clans. Plus with the latest PC and console versions for this saga that are launched with their standard companion apps.



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