There are two types of travelers: The adventurous, who almost choose their destination at random without knowing what to visit, and those who are organized and plan the smallest details about their stay in another country. Whatever type you are, besides a pair of clean clothes and airplane tickets, you’re going to need some services that you can now take with you on your smartphone to get the most out of your vacation.

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Once you have chosen your destination, you’re going to need a way to get there, and a place to stay if you don’t have a friend’s house to stay at abroad. KAYAK is the official application of the service of the same name which allows you to find the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals from your smart phone so you don’t miss out on any of the best prices.

This app will filter the search results according to the criteria you’re most interested in, such as the cheapest hotels and hostels in the area, or if you want it to just show you those that are in the downtown area of the city. Also, you can view photos and reviews of each place.

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If what you want is to discover the most incredible places in any city you visit, Minube was created for people like you. This app allows you to organize the places you want to visit during your travel based on more than 230,000 recommended entries. You can discover the best spots to visit across the globe, including places to eat and stay that suit your style and personality.

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Are you still really far from that amazing park you want to visit, but you’re dying of hunger? Yelp is a service that helps you find any restaurant, bar, gas station, or business of any kind that is open and relatively close to your location in a matter of seconds. Additionally, it won’t just locate the businesses by name or what they offer on a map, but will also allow you to access all its information, customer reviews, phone number, and photos of the place to help you decide quickly where you want to make a stop.

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Google Maps

Traveling can become a challenge when want to visit an entire city in a couple of days, and you don’t want to waste time wandering around getting lost. Having a map on hand is indispensable, especially now that you can navigate to your destination using your phone. Google Maps allows you to get where you’re going without a problem as you follow the directions it provides. Also, it is available offline, which is great if you don’t get data abroad.

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Google Translate

If your destination this summer is to a foreign-speaking country, a translator is always a great idea if you can’t speak the language well. Taking one of those typical phrase books with you is good, but you can always end up needing more if they end up asking you or saying something to you that’s different than what is written in the handbook. Just like the web version, Google Translate allows you to translate between more than 50 languages. You can even hear how to pronounce what you need to translate.

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Of course, all these apps won’t be of any use if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, which is a common occurrence on vacation. So, we recommend that you install an antitheft app on your cell phone, and avoid the pain.


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