When good weather shows its shy face, the hikers come out to play. Camping – either in the backcountry or on campgrounds – is one of the most alluring activities of the season. Whether you’re at the beach or in the mountains far from civilization, it’s always nice to have a bit a help from your smartphone with apps for geolocation services, weather, battery savings, or first aid tips.

Las mejores apps gratuitas de Android para irte de camping

Check the weather

First things first: not a good idea to set off on a camping trip without knowing what the weather’s meant to be doing. Knowing your dates and the forecast temperatures is key to smart planning and packing. Weather apps can be a lifesaver both before and during your expedition. Within the ecosystem of the green robot you’ll find (at least) 1,001 weather apps, so we’ve put together a few picks so you don’t get overwhelmed.


A good app that gives you the forecast up to a week in advance and that has a super attractive look. [Download]


What is there to say about the weather app par excellence? If AccuWeather remains one of the most popular apps in its niche it’s due to its terrific service. [Download]

The Weather Channel

A sober aesthetic reveals a super comprehensive app that we recommend for all people looking for a simpler option. [Download]

Prepare your pack without forgetting anything

One of the critical moments before each trip is when you pack your bags. Whether it’s just a backpack or a full set of kit, for a lot of people (including Yours Truly) remembering to pack everything you need is a target we almost always miss. Task manager and list-making apps may not have been invented precisely with camping in mind, but they’re useful here anyway and can save yourself some d’oh moments on your trip.


One of the most robust multiplatform tools now available. It may be that making a list for “camping stuff” is a simple job for this app, but it’s as brilliant as ever at getting it done. [Download]

Google Keep

Simplicity and color in the service of the user. This is probably one of the best apps Google has released and it keeps winning new users nonstop. One of my personal favorites. [Download]


This agenda is more than sufficient for our humble purposes and as a cherry on top you can also jot down your to-do list for when you’ve arrived to the campsite. [Download]


Save battery

This list of apps is among the most complete you’re likely to find, but do be warned that installing apps left, right, and center is likely to make your battery start to stumble under the weight of all this new content. And if you have problems charging your phone in a backcountry campsite or you drain your powerbank, you might find yourself in a pretty sketchy situation. Hence, there’s no better time to think about how to scrape a few more minutes of battery life than before you head out.

DU Battery Saver

No app can do miracles with your battery or give it any kind of magic charge, but with this app you can manage and control your battery to improve its performance. [Download]


Thanks to this app you can make your device go into low consumption mode sooner than usual. A great way to extend your battery time just a bit. [Download]


Even if you end up installing all the apps on the planet, at least you can try to keep them from draining your battery by running in the background when they’re not needed. A job this app gets done perfectly. [Download]


Don’t get lost on the campground

GPS apps have become essential and compact tools that no longer require you to download gigantic maps that take up too much space. Whether you’re on the way to your campground or don’t want to risk getting lost on your hike, these apps are so useful that you’ve probably already got one installed on your phone. Our list also includes an app aimed exclusively at campers and caravaners.

Google Maps

It’d be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of this app. Years have passed and it remains one of the most downloaded options – and it’s sure to keep being one for the foreseeable future. [Descargar]


Almost all GPS apps now allow maps to be downloaded for offline use, but this was one of the trailblazers. It’s still as fresh and simple as the first day. [Download]


Finding places to camp or park your caravan is far easier than ever thanks to this app. It works everywhere around the globe, so you should have no problems no matter where you are. [Download]

Google Maps

Flashlights always come in handy

Whether you arrive to your camping area at night or just need a bit of illumination when you head out for an evening wee, a flashlight is great to have on hand. And if you forgot to pack your physical one, your phone can always serve to light things up when visibility is poor. We leave you a selection of the best apps out there for Android.


The easiest way to turn your Android device into a powerful flashlight. It’s only got a few modes to pick from, but it works splendidly. [Download]

Bright Light Torch Pro

Using a visual interface similar to that of a proper flashlight, this app lets you pick from several illumination modes. [Download]

Color Flashlight

We’re looking at a different option here as this one lets you give a touch of color to the light that shines from your smartphone. [Download]

Bright Light Torch Pro

To enjoy the night sky

The good thing about camping in areas far from cities is that you can enjoy the stars better than ever. Regardless of whether the sky is clear, stargazing and finding constellations and planets is simpler if you’ve got an Android app showing you the different features of the heavens.


By simply aiming your camera at the sky you’ll get detailed information about the stars you’re seeing. And there’s no need to be connected to the Internet to do so. [Download]

Sky Map

The tool initially created with support from Google also wants you to gaze at the sky, and its app clearly displays the stars, planets, and constellations using the gyroscope on your device. [Download]

Star Walk 2 Free

What better way to enjoy the celestial bodies than with powerful graphics? A spectacular app, although it does use a bit more memory than the other apps on this list. [Download]


Get some green in you with a bit of hiking

Once you’ve made it to your destination, you’ll naturally want to get to know the surrounding countryside and properly enjoy the scenery on a few good trails. Whether you’re on foot or biking, exploring trails is one of the best way to discover charming sites. And if you don’t know which trail to take, we’ve got a list of apps here to help you pick one.

AlpineQuest GPS

This GPS app is put together by all lovers of open-air activities and it has the most detailed information. [Download]


Whether you’re on foot or cycling, this app will show you the best trails available in the area you’re staying in. [Download]


A detailed guide on the trails to enjoy complete with several extras like voice navigation, topographic maps, progress log, and more. [Download]

AlpineQuest GPS

More apps to use while camping

This post offers a compendium of apps of all kinds, but there are still a few left over that we should recommend. From apps for tying knots to digital first-aid kits, these app might well help get you out of a pinch on your camping weekend.


This app does just what it says on the tin: gives you a list of knots to tie for whatever kind of activity you’re doing. It has useful step-by-step instructions for each kind of knot. [Download]


A useful social network to discover and share outdoor activities happening near your location. [Download]

Offline Survival Manual

An infinite number of incidents can happen on camping trips, so it’s a good idea to keep this comprehensive first-aid and survival guide handy so you can find explanations of everything from how to tie sailing knots to the safest way to do a tourniquet. [Download]

survival manual The best free Android apps for going camping



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