The best way to be more productive and not go crazy when you have a lot to do is to organize everything into a to-do list or any other visual resource that lets you give that cloud of things awaiting your attention a tangible form so it doesn’t turn into a weight on your shoulders. is one of the best tools you can find for that purpose, letting you catalogue all your pending tasks through a service that is simple – which is a must in this sphere.

Lists and more lists within lists within themed lists. The human brain is naturally rational and tends to locate tasks, aims, and concepts in different areas as if you had a virtual file cabinet in your head. lets you create endless lists based on a particular theme and stack them up into a communal control system. In other words, when you go into the app you can review everything on your list and tick it as complete or put it off till some later date. You don’t have to do any heavy management or editing of the lists as the process is very organic. (Whatever that means!).


The app’s auto-complete system greatly speeds up the insertion process. Whether via voice detection or manually typing things in, the prediction system will give you lots of text-entry options, even detecting external elements like names from your contacts book or installed apps. So if you type Go to it will give you options like Go to the movies or Go to the beach, and if you carry on with Go to the beach with James, your friend James Tyler will pop up so you can add him to the task. You can even include him in a shared list if he uses the app too.

You have complete freedom to add alerts and pop-up alarms to the mobile app depending on how important the task is, and you can add all kinds of info to each item on the list, be it an expanded text, photos, or videos. The free version limits attachments, but otherwise it’s fully functional and is sure to become one of your go-to apps if you spend a bit of time with it. If you pay for a monthly subscription it will give you access to new visual themes, remove the limits on attachment sizes, give you new alert options, and let you create an unlimited number of shared tasks.


Any-do is available for Android and iOS and as a browser extension, and can also be accessed as a web version, with all your lists synching across devices. The 3.0 of the service has also just been launched, with a complete revamp and the option to share your lists, among other improvements. Anybody’s who’s not organized just doesn’t want to be … or just can’t keep up with everything waiting for her.


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