Both iOS and Android, with their varios customization options, include by default their own weather apps where you can consult basic weather news. But in case you want to get more detailed info you can make use of 1Weather, one of the best apps of its kind.

This is a free app whose only handicap is that it includes integrated ads in its interface, although they aren’t terribly annoying and in any case you can pay just over a dollar to deactive them if you fancy. At the aesthetic level it’s quite attractive, and is organized well enough to avoid looking too cluttered.


The 1Weather start menu will show you the basic meteorological info of wherever you happen to be located (if you allow geolocation services from your device, obviously), with a matching screen background that changes colors depending on the weather. From this screen you can browse through the other sections either by horizontally sliding the screen or by clicking on the icons on the lower navigation bar.


This allows you to view a multiple-day forecast with a short description in your own language (the program is available in more than 20 languages), an estimate of the chance of rain and big temperature changes, a graphic with the precipitation indexes for each day, a weather satellite image superimposed on the Google Maps API, and even the solar and lunar cycles that you’re currently in.


As if that weren’t enough, you can save a list of your favorite locations in case you’d like to thoroughly consult the weather in various places, and there are also a few external tools such as the option to permanently display the current temperature on the upper notifications bar on your Android, or to add one of 1Weather’s many widgets to your desktop with different looks and information blocks.


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