The most famous YouTube channels are noted for their huge number of subscribers, who want to see every video that’s uploaded as soon as it arrives on that profile. Winning new fans isn’t always a simple task, though, and thus the videosharing platform has designed Fan Finder with the aim of finding and connecting thousands of users with new channels to turn them into new fans.

This new free initiative aims to allow any YouTube user to subscribe to the channels on the platform without having to sift through all the existing ones; now, thanks to Fan Finder, YouTube will directly display channel ads at the beginning of each video, and although users can skip them after five seconds, whenever they are interested they can click and subscribe as a new fan.

The creators of YouTube have published on the official blog a series of tips for making these promotional Fan Finder videos, advising channel owners create short and original ads that call the attention of users.

A few months ago, the company announced its Top Fans, another tool aimed at building communication between channel owners and their followers by helping the former interact with their most active fans. In short, the two services will together improve and increase the size of the channel community.


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