Social networks on the move as usual. While just a few days ago it was Facebook with its disappearing stories, today it’s WhatsApp with new statuses, which are basically posts that last 24 hours only and can be shared with all your contacts in a new menu in the top navigation bar. Given how infrequently WhatsApp rolls out updates, this feature is a proper revolution. (Well, OK, maybe not so much when considering that Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have already been doing this for ages.)

whatsapp estados screenshot New WhatsApp statuses rolled out

To be able to use this you’ve got to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp. No need to mess with the latest beta – the most recent stable version (2.17.65) is more than enough to see the new features. When you start it, a new welcome message explains the new feature and from there you can create your own disappearing status.

Go into the Status tab to see the ones posted by your contacts as well as a button to create your own. If you include a video or photo you can edit it with stickers, text, cropping, and drawings with your fingertip. If you publish it, any of your contacts can view the content for 24 hours. Still, you can delete the post at any time and it will disappear instantly.

whatsapp estados screenshot 2 New WhatsApp statuses rolled out

Plus, to boost the idea of creating original content on the spot, a shortcut to the integrated WhatsApp camera has been included in the top bar on your homescreen so if you take a pic or a video you can send it directly to one of your contacts or set it as your status. The update is rolling out progressively in several countries, so it should soon be available worldwide.

More info | Official WhatApp blog


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