Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon now – if it works on one site they’ve all gotta do it. Following the trail blazed by Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, the official Facebook client has added a new feature to create small video clips with all sorts of effects, both static and moving. The clips disappear after 24 hours.

facebook historias screenshot 2 Facebook (also) adds disappearing story posts

The sole requirement is to update the Android client to its latest version (v111. and then next time you access your timeline you’ll see a new string of VERY familiar-looking round icons with all your friends’ posts. Plus you can obviously create your own there.

In terms of the features, you can either select local pictures and videos or create them on the spot, and besides adding real-time effects to your face in proper MSQRD style you can draw on the image and write text. Once you finish the composition you can post it on your own wall or send it to a friend (or friends) as desired.

facebook historias screenshot 1 Facebook (also) adds disappearing story posts

The rollout of this feature began on February 15 and is progressively coming next to several countries, including Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Argentina.


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