One of the new updates that were leaked months ago is here at last: we can finally share our location in real time on WhatsApp. This new feature is available for any user with the latest version of the app. We all know the messaging app is a little late to the party, especially when Telegram announced this same exact feature a few days ago. But you can’t help but get excited about new features in the apps you use the most, amiright? This new function is pretty easy to use, but we’ll take this opportunity to walk you through it step-by-step, so you can start letting people know where you are in real time.

Cómo compartir nuestra ubicación en tiempo real en WhatsApp

If you want to share your real-time location via GPS, all you have to do is open the WhatsApp chat you want, whether it’s a private or a group chat, tap the attachment button (the one that looks like a paperclip), and in the pop-up window, tap the Location icon, just like you always have when you’ve wanted to share your current location. In the new window, you’ll see a new option called “Share Live Location” which is located at the top of the list of available options, and then all that’s left to do is tap it.


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After selecting “Share Live Location,” you’ll see a new window where you can choose how long you want to share your location for, as well as the possibility to add a message. You only have three options for the amount of time you want to share your location: 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. After making your selection, you just have to tap the send button (or share, in this case) that’s shown in the lower right corner. Your location will appear in the typical chat window and your position will change as you move around. If more than one person is sharing their location in real time, all these maps will appear in the chat window.

whatsapp compartir ubicacion screenshot 1 en How to share your real-time location on WhatsApp

If you want to get a wider view of the area where the person is who’s sharing their location, all you have to do is select the location window in the chat and a new screen will appear with an expanded view of the map. Here you can zoom in and out of the map and you have a few other views you can choose from: map, satellite, and terrain. There’s even an option to see the current traffic in any of these views.

whatsapp compartir ubicacion screenshot 3 en How to share your real-time location on WhatsApp

In order to stop sharing your location, all you have to do is tap the red “Stop sharing” button you see below your message in the chat as well as at the bottom of the map once it’s expanded. Or you could always just wait until the time you originally chose is over.

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