The sudden 24-hour suspension that WhatsApp Plus users began experiencing yesterday has finally resulted in the definitive shutdown of this mod. This was confirmed by a statement today from Mounib Al Rifai, a developer who collaborated with Rafalense on the app. He notes that the app community is to be shut down and all download links deleted. His full statement follows below:

Bad news

We have received a cease and desist letter from WhatsApp and we are obligated to remove all download links and unfortunately delete this community…

Am really sorry for this but it’s out of our hands and WhatsApp has pushed us into a corner that we can’t escape this time..

It was a fun ride but it has come to an end..

Deepest regards from Rafalense and me and all the whatsapp+ team for your support

For clarification because people are giving me credit while it should go to Rafalense. I am NOT the developer of WhatsApp+ the developer is Rafalense I am just the co owner and the person responsible for maintaining the google plus community…

*21 January 2015 RIP WhatsApp+*




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