Less than 48 hours after its withdrawal, a new version of WhatsApp Plus is out that can get around the temporary ban that many users have been suffering since WhatsApp took measures against unofficial mods. The new version, called WhatsApp Plus ReBorn (2.76 according to its previous version numbering system or 1.0 now that it has changed hands) is not developed by Rafalense et al, and doesn’t get rid of the block but goes around it (meaning if you’re still banned you’ll have to wait the required hours to be able to use it).

This revision maintains the features of its predecessor. In other words, you can hide your status, add themes, and upload photos and videos in their original size and with a much larger file size. In addition, it includes features from other mods like removing ads and a Material Design-adapted aesthetic. Over at OSMDroid they explain the steps to follow to install it in case you already have the official version of WhatsApp installed.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chat settings > Save conversations.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp.
  • Download and install the new APK.
  • Open it, click Accept, and carry on to confirm your telephone number.
  • If you’ve properly backed up your conversations, a Restore button should appear. If you get a message indicating that the app has been downloaded illegally, you’ll need to reinstall the official WhatsApp, chat with a couple people, and the go back and re-do the steps listed here from the beginning.
  • If you still have WhatsApp Plus and haven’t been banned, you’ll just need to update the app, although in most cases you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall it anyway as the new app has a different signature.


The precautions and things to keep in mind are the same as with any other unofficial WhatsApp mod since these are neither officially supported nor permitted. Thus the possibility can’t be discarded that the company will take further action to get rid of this new version, just as happened with its predecessor (in fact, the XDA Developers thread where this info was published has already been shut down). Nevertheless, we already know that developer communities are always two steps ahead.


  1. hai… how cam i download Whatsupp Plus from my browser…
    Please help me… could u pleasa send an email.
    thank you….

  2. still loving the enhanced version mo n mo,though developer needs to fix bug? on deleted messages since they keep ob reappearing…all in all…il buy him beer one of them days…am satisfied by watsup reborn..

  3. I’m banned from what’s app for 120 hours. So now how can I solve this problem and I have Samsung note 3 neo

  4. The messages kept coming hours late….my data connection/wifi was ok. I loved thw fact that i could hide my status though

  5. hey whatsapp reborn has been discontinued from being downloaded but it is still working soo look for someone who has its apk and en install it from sm1

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