WhatsApp groups tend to turn into a train wreck when it comes to managing permissions and modifying elements like the group name or profile picture. To make admins’ jobs easier, they’ve added new features to the latest version of the official client, including the option to choose multiple admins for the same group.

group admin featured WhatsApp now lets you choose multiple group admins

To access the new features, you have to select Group info from the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the screen when you’re in the group you want to manage. From there, you go to Group settings, where you’ll have two main options: In Edit group info, you can choose if all the users or only the admins can change the topic, icon, and group description.  

whatsapp administrators tutorial 1 WhatsApp now lets you choose multiple group admins

If you want the admins to be the ones in control, you can access another new section, Edit group admins, to choose the members of the group you want to act as administrators. That being said, any admin can add other admins so when all’s said and done, it’s technically possible for the entire group to be added as admins.

whatsapp administrators tutorial 2 WhatsApp now lets you choose multiple group admins

This feature is available in the version 2.18.132 and up of the official WhatsApp client for Android, available on Uptodown.


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