WhatsApp has just modified its terms of service and privacy policy to break ground for its latest maneuvers, focused on communications between companies and external services. The first change involves sharing data with Facebook to offer ads tailored to your interests, though luckily you have 30 days to reverse the permissions and keep that from happening.


Over the next few hours, as the WhatsApp updates roll out and you open the app, you’ll get a message asking you to accept the new terms and conditions. Before continuing you should tap the bottom of the screen where it says “Read more about the updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy.” That takes you to a new section (intentionally harder to find – very clever they are) that explicitly details the link with Facebook and the transfer of data in order to – according to them – improve your user experience. If you untick the box you’ll revoke the data transfer permissions.

Luckily, even if you haven’t unticked the box you still have the chance to revoke access. Specifically, you have 30 days to modify that option by going to Settings Account Share my account information. (If you’ve already unticked the box when you first got the notice, this section won’t appear.)

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In terms of the changes to Facebook’s privacy policy, it involves some variations or clarifications of points that previously were not explicitly enumerated, including the prohibition on using one WhatsApp account on two devices at the same time and the use of VPNs and other IP masking tools. And again with an eye to future growth, the door has been left open to integrating ads into the app and even charging for external services within the application.

More information | Official WhatsApp blog


  1. […] WhatsApp has simply modified its phrases of service and privateness coverage to interrupt floor for its newest maneuvers, targeted on communications between corporations and exterior providers. The primary change includes sharing knowledge with Fb to supply advertisements tailor-made to your pursuits, although fortunately you’ve 30 days to reverse the permissions and maintain that from occurring. Read more […]

  2. […] Toward the end of August, without warning, when users opened the official WhatsApp client, a message appeared informing users of the mentioned change in the app’s terms of use. The message asked for consent to share information from your account in order to, according to them, improve your “Facebook ads and products experiences.” You could accept or decline, but either way, you could continue using the app, giving you up to 30 days to decide and letting you postpone the decision during this time. […]


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