WhatsApp keeps rolling out new features to make the app more practical for users. Thus, with the arrival of its new versionthose of us who like to send voice messages are in for a treat with a handy new feature. The messaging service now lets you play audio messages consecutively on Android. So you can finally say goodbye to pressing play over and over again.


Although this new feature isn’t quite as attractive as the recent arrival of stickers, it will help many users to communicate without needing to select each voice message separately. This way, you just have to play the first audio for the next ones to continue playing in order.

whatsapp audios english WhatsApp now allows consecutive audio message playback on Android

Plus, WhatsApp has incorporated two new sounds that will alert you of the audios you have left to listen to. A brief tone will sound when each audio file ends to indicate that the next one is going to be played. On the other hand, when you hear the last audio, you’ll hear another sound to let you know they’re done.

WhatsApp lets you respond to messages by sliding them

Another new feature WhatsApp has incorporated in its latest updates is the ability to respond to a specific message by simply sliding it to the side. While you used to have to hold your finger down on a message and tap the arrow in the upper part of the screen to respond, now you just have to slide any message to the right to answer it.

whatsapp deslizar WhatsApp now allows consecutive audio message playback on Android

Thanks to these new improvements, WhatsApp continues working toward its goal of becoming a messaging service that’s even more convenient for people who use it on a daily basis.

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