Just like clockwork, the new version (15.04) of Ubuntu has arrived on the stable channel. Although this isn’t an LTS version with extended support, this new update, called Vivid Vervet, includes upgrades to most of the basic packages, and comes alongside new versions to all the derivative distributions such as Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio.

The Unity desktop includes small aesthetic changes in its version 7.3 to the window style and the layout of items within them. At the internal level the systemd tool has been included as a new manager for background processes to replace Upstart. It makes it easier to check which processes run when the operating system starts up and what memory is being used on.

ubuntu 15 04 screenshot 1 Ubuntu 15.04 now available with new features

Some of the most noteworthy updates are the inclusion of LibreOffice 4.4 and Firefox 37, although we also have new versions of other tools like Thunderbird 31.6, Shotwell 0.20.2, Nautilus 3.14.2, Evince 3.14.2, Rhythmbox 3.1, Totem 3.14.1, and GNOME Terminal 3.14.

ubuntu 15 04 screenshot 2 Ubuntu 15.04 now available with new features


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