WhatsApp is constantly seeking to improve its IM service, and, among other changes, it has added a new feature that lets you archive conversations if you use an Android phone. While for some people this may not seem significant, it’s quite helpful for those users whose device gets overloaded when they have too many chats open. Now you can get rid of messages without losing them and read them later.

Imagine you’re at work and all your WhatsApp groups won’t stop pinging—quite a common experience—but you need to have your phone operational and working quickly. There are two options: leave all your group chats and miss everything being said there—and even possibly be left out for good—or archive the conversations to make your phone start working faster again.

With this update you just have to click on the conversations that you want to remove from the list and click “Archive conversation.” The chat will disappear instantly but the conversation will remain. To access it later, you can use the search tool or go into your WhatsApp contacts list.

whatsapp archive conversations

But the new features don’t stop there. This update also includes a button alongside the microphone that works as a shortcut to the camera. We’re not talking about an adaptation of the option that allows you to send photos from the phone’s native camera, but rather a new camera that belongs to the application and that opens quite quickly, with an interface that has keys to activate the flash and change the camera.

whatsapp camera

The new 2.11.294 version of WhatsApp is still in beta phase, meaning you still won’t find it in the Google Play Store. But if you want to start testing it you can download the APK on Uptodown or from WhatsApp’s official webpage to install it manually.


    • In case you remember the no; you can save it back to your phone contacts, open Whatsapp contact, search that contact, and go to option -> message. Your archived messages are back.

  1. Hi,

    I archived one conversation, there is a notification symbol, just as new message to the archived conversation, but there is no new message. what does that notification means.

    • We believe that the archived ones won’t be deleted, anyway, if you don’t want to take the risk there is an option to email the conversations just in case you want to keep them.

  2. I emailed a conversation to my email account and now I want to undo this action. After doing that I was unable to open the same place the conversation was saved in my phone. Now this is using up too much money when I turn on the data connection while using my phone. How can it be undone? Please assist. I want to undo this.

    • If you have already deleted the conversation from your WhatsApp you cannot get it back. Next time, if you want to keep the conversation you should “archive” it instead of sending by email. If you send it by email you can keep a copy in your email but it cannot be restored.

  3. I archived one conversation. …n aftr dat I when I msgd…there is only 1 tick tht is showing there….so r my msgs being delivered. …plz……plz hlp me


      • Even if you don’t have the number, the chat should appear in your list and if you click over it you can archive or delete it.

  4. I archieved a group. But when a new msg came on that group, it was again disaying in my list.. as if i never archieved it… what to do??

  5. I archived all my messages by accident and I haven’t saved a lot of numbers how do I unarchive everything at once? I have an iPhone. HELPPPPP ME

    • If they don’t appear on your list maybe it is because they don’t have WhatsApp installed on their phones. Anyway to see your complete list of WhatsApp contacts you have to click on the upper right button on your screen on WhatsApp app.

  6. When u archive a message i disappears until u get another message from that person or group. Is there a way to keep it hidden even if I get a message, I mean, I just wanna see that message if I look for it on the search bar.

    • Hi there – can anyone help me please-if I archive a message on WhatsApp – when I go into archive messages to look at it 1) do I appear on line to the person the archive message is from? 2) can anyone tell I am online looking at an old archived message/

      Any info would be really appreciated.

  7. I Archived a conversation and then tried to start another one to the same contact but the new one does not appear. Can I “un” archive?

  8. can u plz tell me is there anything or option tht i download my whatsapp on APPLE IPAD mini?
    kindly email me answer on given id

  9. Is there any feature of whatsapp to block any group which we don’t like and don’t want to get sms from that perticular group but still remains the member of that group…..??

  10. I archieved my chat and changed phone after that. Now I can’t access archieved msges on new phone. Are they saved anywhere, so I can get them again? :(

  11. I archieved my chat and changed phone after that. Now I can’t access archieved msges on new phone. Are they saved anywhere, so I can geyt them again? :(

  12. can anyone help me I archived a few conversations my whatsapp kept freezing so I deleted the app and downloaded it again.. I cannot find the archive folders can I retrieve them ? I had so many pictures on them chats and they wer not saved to my photos anyone help?

    • Yeah same problem. Please let me know what to do if you find out. The thing is.. I can’t open whatsapp on my old phone anymore because I changed to nano-SIM on my new phone (old phone micro-SIM deactivated!)

  13. I have archived a conversation and in the list section of the archived conversations there is a date that isn’t associated with the last seen on my contact. What does this date mean?

  14. Will an archived chat viewer still be able to see my “last seen” notices (with future chats) even though they are currently archived?

  15. I blocked a particular contact, i noticed i wont see Last Seen, then decided to archive convo, im surprised Last Seen can be seen? Why is that?

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