We’ve already talked on this blog about Evernote and its broad array of possibilities when it comes to cataloging digital content you need to store. It’s precisely this flexibility that is its biggest attraction, as it works as both an elaborate bookmarking and favorites manager and a notepad or group-project tool. Below I describe some of the features added recently or about to arrive before the end of the year.

Redesign to the web client

In a recent keynote, the people over at Evernote introduced the features that are about to arrive. One of the most important is a complete redesign to the web client, which is now available in its beta form and can be accessed from the settings menu on your account. The new version boasts an extreme minimalist style to the point that when you write a new note you’ll see little more than a blank page with a couple icons on it.

evernote novedades 2 New features arrive to Evernote

Internal chat

Last week the so-called Work Chat feature was introduced as an internal IM service for work groups that use Evernote as a shared project organizer. The aim, according to the official blog, is that users won’t ever have to go out of Evernote to do any task. This feature will be launched in November for both the web client and for mobile versions.

evernote novedades 4 New features arrive to Evernote

Evernote Context

Another of the features to arrive with the new design and the chat service is the option to view enriched content for your notes, meaning if you save a link about a certain topic or subject, below it you’ll see related news. Obviously this feature’s potential will depend on its associated sources: at the moment Evernote has agreements with heavyweights like the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and LinkedIn, among others. This service should go live before the end of the year.

evernote novedades 1 New features arrive to Evernote

Tool to send mass emails

Mastodon is an external tool supported by Evernote technology that sends newsletter or mass emails. The tool aims to speed up digital marketing tasks, and offers an editor practically identical to that of Evernote itself from which you can drag content, organize messages using tags, or track sent messages. It’s not yet available at the moment, but you can still register for the beta on its official website.

evernote novedades 3 New features arrive to Evernote


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