Evernote now joins Twitter, Apple, and Facebook on the list of companies attacked by hackers in recent weeks. The company said in a statement yesterday that they had discovered and blocked a series of suspicious activities on Evernote servers. As a precautionary measure, they’ve decided to force users to change their passwords, which affects 50 million users.


The hackers obtained access to usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. To make the password-changing process easier, they’ve launched a new version of the app across all platforms.

The business said in its statement that it didn’t find any evidence of changes or deleted private content, and neither banking account information nore credit card info was stolen. Some users, however, said on the Evernote forums that they had to sync all over again all their files and notes that they had saved on Evernote servers.

Evernote told CNET, the global consumer electronics and technology blog, that they were able to stop the hackers on time, and that the criminal activity followed patterns similar to the high-level attacks against other Internet companies, such what happened with Twitter and Facebook. Interestingly, the day before the attack, Evernote had made changes to its service’s privacy policy and terms of use.

According to Evernote’s statement, they will be making public the hackers’ activity via their official website, social networks, and by sending emails to their users. The company believes that by creating new passwords, users’ accounts will remain secure. On the home page of the company’s website, they have posted a messages stating that they have notified their users, although this author has yet to receive anything from Evernote as of now.

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