These days whenever a new update from Instagram comes out it’s more than likely that the additions were pinched straight from Snapchat. This time is no different. The popular social network announced yesterday that it’s added masks (“face filters”) to bring new life to your selfies. Try it out and – surprise! – you’ll find it’s extremely similar to Snapchat lenses.

Instagram mascaras

No mystery in how the new face filters on Instagram work. Go into the camera on Instagram Stories and then tap the smiley face icon to the right of the camera switch icon. Then just pick one of the available effects from the lower bar and enjoy the magic of masks. For now there are eight available, more than enough to have fun with, though they’re a bit simple if you compare them with the competition’s. You can add them to pics or videos, including the always-fun Boomerang clips. Instagram is soon to be rife with bunny-ear selfies. You’ve been warned.

But the face filters aren’t the only new thing in this latest update. Several other features have been added such as the option to take videos that play backwards, with the Rewind button. Plus there are new custom hashtag stickers, and even an eraser that lets you get rid of items you’ve added to the photo. In short, fun new tools to let your creativity twinkle.

Instagram mascaras

The Snapchatification of Instagram is still fully underway – and in fact there’s not much left for Facebook to steal. Once they’ve buried Snapchat, we’ll have to see what new prey they discover to rob “inspiration” from.

More info | Instagram Blog

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