The most used social network among young people continues to turn out new features and ideas at a great pace. Recently, Snapchat has suffered the consequences of the arrival of Instagram Stories and is doing everything possible to prevent further damage. One thing they’ve done is update one of their most popular features: the augmented reality lenses can now be used with your surroundings. This is something that’s definitely going to make your boring reality a bit more interesting.

Snapchat Realidad Aumentada Android

Anyone who’s ever used Snapchat has surely used the masks at least once. Of course, no one can resist seeing a rainbow flowing out of their mouth and now you can enjoy this feature with your surroundings. To access the so-called “World Lenses” you have to open Snapchat’s main screen where you take the photos and videos. There you just have to select anywhere on the screen that’s not the button to take the photos, and there you’ll have the masks for augmented reality. Now, the difference is you don’t need to use your face to get to the mask feature. Yup, now you can see REAL clouds vomiting rainbows and other psychedelic  happenings.

For now, there are only a few options available, but they’ll surely add more in future updates. Snapchat never disappoints when it comes to adding effects; each one more fun and surreal than the last. This new feature works with pictures and videos. In fact, it sounds like these new augmented reality lenses are going to work perfectly with “Spectacles,” the glasses with an integrated camera that’s prepared for Snapchat. We’ll just have to see if the app continues being as popular has it’s been so far.

Snapchat Realidad Aumentada

The new version of Snapchat is already available on Uptodown (version 9.43). Aside from the new augmented reality mode, other improvements have also been added. The video chat feature now lets you use the lenses and also lets you share different snaps from your timeline with your friends. You just have to keep your finger pressed on the snap you want (whether it’s from a user you follow or a publisher’s channel) to then send it in a message.

If you don’t already know about Snapchat, take a look at our how-to user guide because it will definitely surprise you.

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