With the spookiest night of the year almost upon us, Instagram users are starting to fill their Stories with all sorts of eerie filters. Not only does Halloween give you an excuse to go out in the real world in terrifying disguises — you can also put on some virtual makeup to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. In fact, there are more and more creators using tools like Spark AR Studio to create their own filters and share them with the community. It’s easy to save these effects to your camera so you can surprise your followers with different terrifying looks anytime.


Don’t just settle for the default filters

Whenever a special holiday starts coming up, Instagram tends to offer a few filters to celebrate the event. Halloween is no exception, and if you check out the effects available, you’ll see a few special spooky ones for the occasion. However, the social network offers the possibility to add ones made by other creators to constantly expand the variety of the filters offered. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best for giving your face a terrifyingly awesome new look.


How to use the Joker filter on Instagram

The new Joker movie featuring Joaquin Phoenix has caused a world-wide revolution. The film by Todd Phillips is beating all the box office records, so of course we were going to see it show up on Halloween. It’s hard to imagine any costume that can beat the Joker. If you want to see what you’d look like dressed up as this classic villain, it’s easy:

  • Just go to the profile of one of the filter creators who have made a Joker face. In our case, we chose @davaa_23
  • Tap on the filters tab found on the bar above the feed.


  • Find the filter “Joker 2019” and select it.
  • Tap the Try It button found in the lower left corner.

After you follow these steps, you’ll be ready to share a photo of your self with the face of the famous DC character in your Stories. Plus, you can always store the filter on your camera to use it again whenever you want.


Tons of other scary effects for your Stories

If what you’re looking for is a variety of chilling effects, @marcwakefieldards is one of the accounts with the most filters available. Once you’re on the page, if you go to the same tab mentioned above, you can access all sorts of spooky filters. Among them, you’ll find a creepy robot, vampires, and an evil clown. 


The fear behind the eyes

If you really want to look creepy, filters that change your eyes are always a guaranteed success. The artist @onamadderz offers various affects on his Instagram profile that’ll change your face until it looks like you crawled out from the shadows yourself. You just have to make a serious face and this virtual makeup will do the rest of the work for you.


Keep it simple

Alright, we know the following may not be the most terrifying filters that exist. However, the effects found on Johanna Jaskowska’s account (@johwska) have made an impression on us that’s hard to explain. The work done by this young artist will turn you into a cyborg and add a futuristic shiny layer to your face. So you can greet your Instagram followers with a disturbing mask look.


Hitchcock’s essence never dies

While doing our research for the best Halloween Instagram filters, we came across one in particular that caught our attention. It’s an effect created by @mikemanhwork that lets you appear to be immersed in the movie ‘Vertigo’ by Alfred Hitchcock.  The master of suspense also deserves a spot on this list of spooky filters. So now there’s no excuse not to live your best Halloween life with the help of augmented reality.