According to a recent survey, it has been estimated that with introduction of modern technological gadgets including Smartphones and tablets, number of people using social network will “double” till 2015.

Tally of web users who are accessing social networking websites counts to over 1000 million per day with 901 million people logging solely into Facebook. On an average, each user spends around 20 minutes per visit here. Daily, around 300 million posts & photos and around 3.2 billion comments & likes are shared at this website.


Around 65 million tweets are posted onto twitter whereas two billion videos are viewed over you tube. With all these activities, people stay in touch, amidst high work pressure. Many of them conduct business meetings and share personal stuff through these websites.
These days, Facebook is trying hard to increase its business and for this, it has even made new collaborations with Word Press, which is a leading content management platform being used by millions of bloggers.

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook has decided to create and launch new plug-ins for these bloggers so that they can easily share their content over world’s leading social networking website.

This will ultimately add to Facebook’s profit, as more and more audience will reach it to read the content shared by prominent Word Press authors, create their own blogs or even post content on timeline other than sharing comments & pictures.

Additionally, this plug-in will share and recommend published content to other contacts of an individual’s profile, tag their friends or even share links posted through Word press. This plug-in can also be used by non-English and mobile content users.

After Facebook comes twitter, which is adding new and interesting features like personalization of trending topics with which users get an opportunity to increase their business. With this, people can check out latest issues that are raised in their city or country. This advancement will eventually be added by Twitter into mobile devices and other web applications.

It has also introduced hash tags comprising of labels grouped by subject content, which allows them to follow news on a particular theme. For example, sportive hash tags are provided for users so that they may submit their views and ideas about distinct sports.

This initiative will offer a new platform for companies & organizations to customize their campaigns. For instance by clicking on # NASCAR, customers will see tweets related to this rather than a generic web page.

All this is helping Twitter in building its present blue bird image that is being recognized throughout the world.

Similarly, Google + has introduced Zagat containing its search engine and Google maps containing summaries of  Zagat review that presents tally of restaurants or museums.

With all these new innovations, we can conclude that social network has emerged as a boon for our society. If used properly, it will seriously help many people to gather important facts and information that can be utilized to bring about a change in current scenario thereby generating more revenue.


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