Apple in its most recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference, held at San Francisco announced launch of its next generation operating system iOS6. This OS is said to be packed with over 200 new apps including its own map app, new passbook app, Facebook integration and advanced siri features.

This conference has brought about a violent agitation among world’s top two leading companies namely Apple and Google. “Thermonuclear war” was declared open by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs after Google’s collaboration with Android, wherein this company made simple up-gradation in its advanced iOS6 in which, “majority of apps would be designed in order to overpower many android specifications”.

Apple’s advanced homegrown map application containing 3D traffic viewing mode will allow users to check out for crowd or accident at anonymous locations and calculate approximate time taken to clear up such mess. This app would be capable of providing voiced directions to users and also let them know about shortest route to their destination.

Unlike Google Map app it will not feature any information on alternative methods of transport or any public transit; instead, Apple plans to release API’s for maps which will allow users to build their own transit applications. With this, Apple has withdrawn its age long partnership with Google thereby blowing a massive advertisement revenue loss onto Google, once Apple’s dear partner.

This is just a start; there is yet another advancement to be made in iOS6 wherein Apple will be integrated with Facebook instead of Google+. This would surely drop a massive bomb on Google’s social media network that was gaining momentum due to Apple phone users.

Now, iPhone users just need to put their Facebook details over their mobile phones and get all apps automatically enabled with Facebook so as to upload their photographs, share links, post status and obtain birthday updates on its calendar app. With their mobiles being Facebook enabled, only a few users will move towards Google+ thereby lowering its social status and incentives which required around 400 million users for it to become a strong Facebook competitor.

Advanced iOS6 will also be integrated with business review services like Yelp Inc. as well as OpenTable Inc. which will act as tough competition for Zagat, a review service started by Google with a budget of $151 million.

In addition to all this, superior siri features are now available which would be catering “eyes free” model capable of reading user’s responses without putting light onto the screen. Apple is looking forward to develop a tie up with some of the leading automobile companies including Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes plus Honda after which it will add up a special button into them that will work exclusively with iPhones thereby generating more revenues.

With all these services on board, Apple is all set to steal most of the gunnies from Google’s wallet due to which, Google may undergo loss of thousands of dollars which may deteriorate its position in global market. In order to maintain its world ranking, Google is planning to give a strong answer to Apple in its conference that will be held at the same venue on 27th June. According to sources “Google looks forward to build perfect maps for its users in coming months by upgrading its prevalent mapping service” in order to make up some of the loss caused by Apple.


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