Windows Phone8 is ready to beat maximum of Apple’s iPhone market. With advancement in technology, Microsoft is now set to overpower Apple’s shares. If we go back in the year 2009, Microsoft failed to leave an impact on customers due to certain loopholes in its designs. Following this, manufacturing of Windows mobile with OS 6.5 had to be discontinued by Microsoft.

windowsphone8 Emerging Trends for Windows Mobile in Current Smartphone MarketAfter a long duration, once again, Windows Mobile has re-launched with an entirely new look to bang on the Smartphone market. In order to ensure approved success, Microsoft has extended a hand of partnership towards Nokia which was once the ruler of mobile phone market, but after introduction of Smartphones, Nokia also had to take a backseat due to popularization of Apple’s iPhone.

This new partnership is said to bring about a significant change in Smartphone market and that too in favor of lately launched Microsoft’s Smartphone OS Windows Phone8. This brand new mobile phone operating system is fully loaded with latest Microsoft products like Xbox Live that has been specifically designed for touchscreen devices. It has been incorporated with a new refreshing look that is completely different from iOS as well as android.

According to a leading Smartphone industry analyst Granter, “Microsoft managed to grab 2.7 per cent share of worldwide Smartphone market in financial year 2011 with its Windows Phone7, but soon its market witnessed a downfall bringing its share to 1.5 per cent”. Even after all this, Microsoft did not lose hope and launched updated version, Windows Phone7.5.

Despite of a dangling market position of windows mobile phone, its future still seems to be bright. Main factors that contribute towards hope of a bright future of windows mobile phone include giant investments that Microsoft can make in order to effectively market its Smartphone’s.
apple Emerging Trends for Windows Mobile in Current Smartphone Market
Granter says “amidst total investment of $1 billion, Microsoft spent around $400 million in marketing field. This zeal further intensifies with allotment of $200 million joint budget for launch of Nokia Lumia 900 under the partnership of Microsoft & Nokia so as to re-enter US market”.

Microsoft is also working hard in order to develop a strong app development market. Its hardwork can clearly be judged by fast changing easy download app figures that have changed from 65,000 in January to over 80,000 in March and 100,000 in May 2012. They aim to cross 650,000 apps in order to beat Apple’s app store. For this very purpose, Microsoft is putting in hard efforts to attract maximum potential app developers towards itself by offering handsome salary packages.

With a tremendous increase in quality apps as well as promotion marketing of Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone has managed to garb about 7 percent of China’s market as compared to Apple’s share of 6 percent marking a start to soon emerge as a leader in Smartphone market. Same is the case with Russia where earlier has grabbed 8.2 percent shares in first quarter of 2012 as compared to 7.3 percent shares of iOS.

Microsoft will be launching its much awaited Windows Phone8 version which is said to be fully compatible with Windows 8. Along with all this, Microsoft plans to widen its existence in significant markets of China, Russia, India and South America in order to become prominent leader till financial year 2016.


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