Present era marks a brand new start for a latest technology called Cloud Computing which has been recently introduced by Microsoft.
Cloud computing services

Over twenty years ago, Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft dreamt of personalizing computing system and today, with the tireless efforts of his employees, his dream has taken the shape of cloud computing system.
Microsoft was in an urgent need of launching some new platform if it had to maintain its market position and this became a major reason for advent of cloud.

According to a recent research made by market research media, cloud market is estimated to reach upto $55 billion till 2014 and $270 billion till 2020.
A large number of IT companies have started adopting cloud into their overall business strategy, as it is aimed at reducing their cost of maintenance upto a certain level. It also assists in speeding up their tasks.
This technology will work in collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 which is a set of messaging & collaboration tools that aims at taking your business to new level of success and that too without any need to maintain or deploy on-premise softwares or hardware devices.
Additionally, customers can access a wide range of virtual computing resources with this system. Seeing all these advantages, many companies are shifting their focus towards cloud services. If you also own a software company, then let us provide you with some advantages and services being offered by Microsoft Cloud.
Some of the related suits included in cloud computing service are being discussed in the following section
• Exchange online
With the help of this service, users can quickly retrieve contacts, emails or calendars sitting at any location using their computer, browser or even mobile phone. Advanced access to this simplified service allows them to send upto 25 MB data.

• SharePoint online
This service enables organizations to create their own websites wherein they can share important information with their customers and clients both in online or offline mode as per their convenience. It keeps them updated with all the current information related with to their organization.

• Lync online
It offers real time information such as location, availability status, pictures and also provides instant messaging facility (IM) offering instant connection. You may even connect with different organizations by making voice calls through your computer. Additionally, this feature enables you to join web meetings whether you are inside or out of your organization.

• Office web apps
These apps are browser friendly, and allow people to create docs using varied browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome or explorer. They may even open or edit files created in Office 2008 & 2011 for Mac, plus Office 2007 & 2008 for windows. It also enables users to maintain consistently formatted Office files.

• Office professional plus
This feature is available only in selective plans of Office 365 and is aimed at delivering flexible access to all Office applications. Pay-as-you-go is amongst one of the special aspects that have been added in this feature.
In order to increase your profit, and to meet growing needs like robustness, security and reliability, strategically prepare and position your companies cloud by consulting an expert resourcing firm.
Just stay tuned with us to get more updates about all the futuristic advancements that will be taking place in cloud computing field.


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