Present era is full of competition wherein it sometimes gets difficult for a technology to maintain a leading market position. Microsoft is aware about this fact and is always prepared with something new to upkeep interest of all its customers.

Windows, “a Microsoft product” is amongst one of the most commonly used operating system that is preferred by masses. Technocrats are working hard to improve this OS by incorporating latest features into it.


As per the latest information, next version of Microsoft Window Operating System precisely chiseled as Windows 8 is expected to launch on 26th October. Although a dummy trial version of this Operating system has already been launched, but a lot of suspense laden features are yet to be disclosed.

Compelling upgrades have been made in this version that would surely benefit business owners as well as individuals.

Many of you especially IT professionals & tech lovers must be eager to know about insider features that would be incorporated into this version.

First of all, it is important for all of you to know that Windows 8 would be offering a direct competition with the Apple ecosystem and will once again bring a huge change into PC desktop. Supreme option to ditch familiar explorer interface has been incorporated that will effectively turn your PC into a tablet or a big Smartphone with the help of a Metro mode.

Summing up its features,

  • Live Tiles

Live tiles are amongst one of the most prominent features that have been borrowed from Windows Phone and act as a strong base for the Metro interface. It is capable of displaying all real time information from social networks, newsfeeds and e-mails etc. this feature is built keeping in mind one of the most important touch concept which depicts seriousness of Microsoft for making windows 8 as home on desktop as tablets.


  • Faster and prettier Boot ups

Faster boot up system has been designed keeping in mind its compatibility with tablets. Microsoft promises a quick boot within eight seconds and has also installed UEFI i.e. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface replacing earlier BIOS system in order to display advanced booting graphics.


  • Secure Boot

Secure booting will help in preventing attacks by privacy thieves and hackers in addition to all this; it will also prevent malware from infecting computers during startup.


  • Fewer Restarts

In this version, users will only be asked to restart their system once in a month on every second Tuesday contrary to restart requests after every update installation.


  • Large-Capacity Discs

With growing demand of storage space, people are requiring terabytes of storage space to address these rising needs.


  • Sensor Support

Special sensor support has been added making Windows 8 suitable for navigation, gaming, enhanced reality and other apps enabling it to become a top market player in tablet world.


  • Multilingual PC Support

For the very first time in entire OS history, Windows 8 will provide users with ability to work in their preferred language regardless of their PC. This feature also supports multiple languages that would provide users with an opportunity to learn more languages readily.


  • SkyDrive Integration

SkyDrive service is planned to be incorporated so that it can boost adoption of cloud services. This feature is sure to benefit business owners.


  •  Accessibility

Numerous accessibility features are being added that have made it easy for people who are visually challenged, ergonomic or suffer from other cognitive impairments so that they can easily make use of computer systems now.


So friends! Wait for some more time before you can actually start working with this awe-inspiring operating system that has been incorporated with attractive user interface.

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