Despite the reservations that some have about Microsoft’s new operating system, there are many who have updated their computers. Perhaps this is in part because of the strategy by those at Redmond to offer it for a limited time for just $39.99/29.99€, which ends on January 31st. Is it worth making the jump to Windows 8 now?

Windows 8 buy cheap

Windows 8 hasn’t had as strong of a start as previous versions. Despite that Microsoft told us at this year’s CES that there have been more than 60 million units sold, one would have to know how many of those sales translate into people who actually installed it on their computer, not including how many of them pertain to the tablet version. Microsoft has tried to increase sales by reducing the price of Windows 8, and by stopping the sale of computers with Windows 7 preinstalled.

Despite its controversial new features, Windows 8 also has many virtues. So, for those who are still sitting on the fence, this is a good time to take the leap and try it out, because once the price is increased, buying the new Windows could cost anywhere from $200.

Download the Windows 8 Upgrader on Uptodown

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