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The blog is a valuable information channel to keep you up to date on the most recent developments on Uptodown, both at the internal level and in the press. New projects, improvements to the website, and press releases are some of the types of content that we want to share with our users as well as keep a line of communication open with them.

10 common questions about Uptodown (FAQ)

Is Uptodown safe to use? What's your business model? We answer some of the most burning questions you have about our platform.

[Update: Winner] Samsung Galaxy S8 International Giveaway

To celebrate Uptodown's 15th anniversary and our recent feat of making it into the world's top 100 most visited sites according to Alexa, we are raffling a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Uptodown’s top game downloads of 2016

The numbers are in and the trends are clear. This year has marked the inauguration of smartphones and tablets as the reining gaming platforms....

Uptodown and WPS Office are giving away a Samsung Galaxy S8

We're partnering up with WPS Office to give away one of 2017's best smartphones. This contest is open to participation on an international level.

Traffic on Uptodown has increased drastically in relation to the COVID-19...

The number of downloads on Uptodown has increased by 20 percent worldwide, and isolation measures have led to an increase in PC usage.
Uptodown APK Installer main menu

Uptodown launches APK Installer, an original installer and backup creator

This must-have app is available on both Uptodown and Google Play. Now you can install APK and XAPK files that include OBB data or split APKs, in addition to creating backups of the files you already have.

The best Android games of 2017

It's easy to miss gaming gems in the deluge of releases on the platform, so we've tried to select just those that truly deserve it.
Uptodown error xiaomi

How to avoid errors when installing apps from Uptodown on Xiaomi...

The MIUI customization layer can cause problems when installing XAPK files. But no worries. There's a simple solution!
Uptodown App Store tricks

10 tips and tricks for using the Uptodown app

You can do a lot more with our official Android app than what meets the eye. Here are some of the most useful features you'll find when you take a closer look.

Uptodown in 2019: life beyond Google Play

We're taking stock and recapping the most downloaded apps of the year, along with information about our users' download habits.