Though its iOS release took place last year, the new game by the creators of Subway Surfers wasn’t previously available on Android until now. Blades of Brim is also an endless runner, but it’s gorgeous aesthetics plus outstandingly refined gameplay easily make it one of the best titles within this genre.


This time around, everything revolves around a world of epic adventure and fantasy. You’re the one wielding the powers and force of a warrior whose quest is to make it through an endless path while vanquishing his enemies and completing missions that pop up throughout the game. Here, gameplay is as per usual. Sideswiping will change lanes (and attack enemies that are located there), and if you swipe downwards, you’ll roll. Swiping upwards makes your warrior jump. With just a these four elements, you’ll have an enormous array of combined movements that’ll help dodge obstacles along your way.

As always, there’s the usual in-game shop where you’ll be able buy your way up and improve your equipment as well as customize your character with the coins that you collect along the way. Here, you’ll be able to level up and obtain items gained after selling certain collectibles. Admittedly, this paragraph could easily just have been copied and pasted from almost any other game with an in-game shop from other reviews. Nothing new here.

Blades of Brim is a fantastic game with fairly decent production value. The studios at SYBO are back again holding their own while dominating this market and trying to gain new ground by releasing this soon to be hit. Subway Surfers has already been on our top ten list for a few years now for Android games on Uptodown. Time will tell if its successor is as lucky.



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