Soccer video games have quite a few fans around the world. Within this genre, eFootball PES 2022 (the evolution of Konami’s classic PES) is one of the main flagship games. Following the recent arrival of the video game on mobile devices, millions of people have taken to the field to enjoy the beautiful game in the various game modes that eFootball PES 2022 offers players.

One of the modes that has attracted the most attention is Dream Team. In this game mode, players take control of an entire team with a squad of 23 original players with low statistics. The goal is to turn this team into a superstar team. To do so, you can follow the following tips.

How to succeed in eFootball PES 2022’s Dream Team mode

  • Prioritize your needs. Don’t get swept up in the excitement of signing a big name, and check the stats of all players. Some original players (in the normal players’ category) have statistics that will be really useful, especially in the early stages of your soccer adventure.
  • Use filters and sign sporting directors. eFootball PES 2022 has a filtering system when searching for new signings. Use it to find the player you need. And don’t forget to do the same with the sporting director. Not all work is done in the field.
  • Complete the challenges and watch out for premium ones. Get rewards for completing the in-game challenges. Note that you can also get more and better rewards in premium ones, which can be purchased using eFootball coins.
  • Use player progression. In Dream Team, you will find better and worse players. However, with few exceptions, you can make your players progress and improve their stats. Keep this in mind before spending all your money upgrading positions in your squad. Maybe you can find a cheaper solution with the progression of one of the players you already have.
  • Take into account the playing styles. There are five team playstyles: possession, quick counter, long ball counter, out wide, and long ball. Player movements will gradually improve as the level of the team’s playing style approaches 50– upon reaching 70, your squad will be able to showcase its potential. Choose the team playstyle you like the most and try to get 70 or more! When the level of the team playstyle exceeds that figure, you will see that your athletes will perform above their usual level.


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