Last Monday, Google announced that it has begun the process of unifying the cloud storage space  for its different services. Up until now, we had 10GB for each Gmail account, and another 5GB of storage for Drive and Google+; but, once the change is made in two weeks time, users will have 15GB of storage among all the services, which will allow you to more conveniently and efficiently manage your files in the cloud.


Google stated that the changes made in this merger, such as the ability to freely organize your cloud storage space, will make life easier. But what is really important is that this simple fusion will put Google at the top in the battle of cloud storage space, with more than twice as much free space than the generous Microsoft Skydrive.


Not including cloud storage services that aren’t really appropriate for personal use, such as Mega, which offers 50GB for free, the most-common cloud storage today usually offers 5GB, such as is the case with Dropbox, iCloud, Box, and the secure Wuala, with exceptions to the rule, such as the 7GB that Microsoft Skydrive offers. Also, they all offer premium accounts with around 30GB of space.


Google has triplicated the amount with its 15GB of free space, in addition to offering up to 200GB for $10/month. And, taking into account the example set by large companies such as Adobe with its upcoming cloud-based Photoshop, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the amount offered by rivals also increased.

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