It’s only been a few days ago that we received a critical security update for WordPress, and now an even better version has been released. Highlights in Powell (as version 4.2 is called) include the new Press This feature, which lets you post any content you find while browsing. In addition, integration has been improved when it comes to embedding external content into your posts.

If you go to the toolbar within your WordPress control panel you’ll see the Post This option, and if you drag that to your favorites bar on your browser (it’s actually a script) it will make it so when you click that option from a particular webpage a window will open with the post editor to save your draft or publish it instantly. In fact, you can do text or image selection before clicking on the script to take just the snippet you want. The feature can be extended to your smartphone by using the Share option if you have the official app installed on your phone.


The other star feature is the upgrade to the editor for automatically embedding content from external sites like Twitter, Tumblr, or Kickstarter. Here are a few examples:

  • Twitter Posts

  • Tumblr entries

  • Kickstarter campaigns



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