It’s always a little sad when certain websites close their doors for good, and that’s exactly what’s happening with Storify. The creative content platform will stop offering its services on May 16, 2018, leaving behind a plethora of quality stories in its wake, dating all the way back to its beginning in 2011. To soften the blow of this incredible loss, we’ve put together a list of the best alternatives to Storify. Websites where you can continue to create and find custom content, as well as places to dump all the content you had stored on Storify.

storify alternativas featured Storify is shutting down, but we've got your back with these alternatives

Storify’s getting ready to say adios

We’d be lying if we said this disappearance of Storify surprised us. Even though it started out as a successful platform back when it was created, with the passing of time, it’s consistently lost momentum due to other similar websites popping up and even to the social networks themselves where Storify got content from, as in the case of Twitter with Moments and the creation of threads. The platform may have been dragging for a while now, but its definitive shut down probably has a lot to do with the fact that it’s been passed between owners like a hot potato: in 2013 it was acquired by Lifefyre and later Adobe became the last and final owner.

Storify became popular thanks to how easy it made enjoying and organizing a variety of different content. Journalists used it a ton for a long time and many people also joined this new way to easily create timelines. In fact, yours truly used the platform for different things and always with more than satisfactory results. It was a portfolio of ideas that’s sadly come to an end, but fortunately, its spirit can live on thanks to the many other options that offer a similar service.

The best alternatives to Storify

Out with the old, in with the new. Storify’s FAQ explains how to export your posts, but all you can do is save what you want in HTML. They also recommend using Storify 2, although that many not be the most practical option for most people. It’s a service that will require a Livefyre license which, of course, isn’t free. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other platforms that let you create the same content that you could with Storify. 


The timeless social network for saving images and links could be a good alternative for anyone who used Storify to store different elements from the world wide web. Although it mainly focuses on images, the organization of its boards and the quality of related content is an important plus to keep in mind. [Download APK]



Although it’s more centered around text than anything else, Medium is a platform that you can use to post all different types of content. It’s strength lies in its presentation and the enormous community it hosts. [Download APK]


This potpourri of content is one of the websites that’s taken the place of Storify in terms of style. What’s more, it’s seen a golden opportunity in the platform’s fall from grace and has created a convenient tool to easily move your content from Storify to its platform.


Here’s a service that’s similar to the case of Wakelet, as it’s been allowing the creation of pages with embedded content for a while now. As you’d expect, it’s also created its own import tool to make it easier to move on after Storify’s passing.


The birth of Storify came influenced from the get-go by the use of tweets. The platform became famous for how it let users group and organize posts from the microblogging social network and Twitter ended up creating its own alternative. It’s the perfect option for anyone who simply wants content from the social network thanks to Moments. [Download APK]

twitter momentos


The extremely popular blogging platform is a more than adequate alternative to Storify. It’s no longer quite as scary as it used to be to get started, and now we’d even go so far as to say it’s easy to use. The best thing about this option is that you can easily transfer your Storify content thanks to Storify Extractor, a tool created in GitHub.

The way the extractor works is simple: you just have to add .html to the URL that you want to save from Storify, go in the source code view in your browser, copy the content to this website, and click “extract link.” Then, all that’s left is to copy and paste it to a WordPress post to get the embedded links in your Storify. Okay, so, it may not be quite as easy as we mentioned above, but the important thing here is that it gets the job done. [Download APK]


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