Twitter surprised us this week with an important change in terms of how it’s used. A couple years ago it created “Moments,” a selection of info that aimed to simplify and facilitate access to popular content that you might miss if you didn’t follow certain accounts. This useful tool designed for smartphones hasn’t had quite the impact we might have expected. Still, it’s just arrived to Spain in full force and can be enjoyed in its full splendor from smartphones or browsers.

Twitter Momentos

So-called “Momentos” are clusters of tweets that usually tell some sort of story using Twitter content. Here in Spain the selection is put together by a team of curators who draw content from tons of national media outlets and producers. The cool thing is that in this new tab you can also view Moments created by your followers or related accounts. This content gets updated several times a day so you’re not likely to miss out on any key info.

Although this option has been around for a while, we still remind you: you can create your own “Moments” whenever you want. It’s as simple as adding a title, setting a cover image, and picking tweets, whether they’re yours or someone else’s, and putting together a narrative. The narrative is optional, as you can actually create Moments out of whatever you want, but the appeal here is that you can make a longer story.

Twitter Momentos

The odd thing about this announcement is that it comes on the heels of the latest Twitter update, which includes the Explore tab for iOS devices. Users haven’t been crazy about this but it’s soon to arrive to Android too. Meanwhile if you want to access Moments from your Android you’ll have to go in through the Moments tab, which has yet to appear in the app’s navigation bar.

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