Twitter threads have become one of the most popular things about the platform. Despite the social network itself pushing its so-called Moments, Twitter users have in large part opted spontaneously for the thread format when 140 characters just aren’t enough for what they need to say. Now, inevitably, apps are starting to appear to make it easier to put together these flurries of tweets. Chirr App is a simple webapp to create Twitter threads in a very comfortable way.

Twitter Chirr App

The way Chirr App works couldn’t be easier: just write what you want to tweet and the app takes care of splitting it up into individual tweets that get published as a thread. This tool doesn’t make a big show of what it does because it doesn’t need to – it gets the job done extremely well and its simplicity is its greatest virtue. Just give the app permission to post them automatically by tapping Publish.

Chirr App uses ellipses to separate the phrases, which it does automatically and gives this useful tool more oomph. You can also make these divisions manually but putting “[…]” in your paragraph, without this sort of code ending up appearing in the final thread.

Twitter Chirr App

This webapp is super useful for anybody who wants to make pro-style threads with tremendous ease. Chirr App is an excellent app that perhaps suffers a bit from the fact that it doesn’t let you use images, though you can always use sites like Imgur to insert links into the body of the thread you’re building.


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