The popular app for making free voice calls continues to make a spot for itself in the market dominated by Whatsapp, where there are more and more competitors. Viber recently announced that it reached the not-so-overwhelming number of 140 million users, and it is celebrating with a new update for the iOS and Android versions of its app.

viber cabecera Viber gets a new update and continues to attract users

Viber started a free service for making phone calls between smartphones, but it didn’t take long for it to add the ability to send text messages also, which came as an attempt to overshadow WhatsApp. Despite being a completely free app, it hasn’t ever caught up with its rival; however, it continues improving little by little.

With its most recent update, version 2.3, the company has added the ability to share your location, as well as emoticons and stickers. What they haven’t caught onto yet is multi-language support. They should learn from Line, and hurry and make a localized version for the major markets. What they have done well is making the app available on several different operating systems, including Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, and even Bada.

There’s no doubt that free text messaging apps have a huge influence on today’s generation, and there are many that want a piece of the pie. Either way, there is never too much variety, and competition can often promote a big investment in improving the system for everyone.

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