Viber is – with the permission of the untouchable WhatsApp, and the increasingly more extensive LINE – one of most-popular and most-used free instant messaging and telephone services that exists. Now, to bring it to the level of features that its competitors offer, has just launched a desktop version for Windows and Mac that allows you to take advantage of the same services as the mobile versions. Also, they have incorporated video calls, a feature only available on this new platform at the moment, but will also be introduced into the next update for iOS and Android.

Viber 3 cabecera

In order to use this new version, you will have to have a Viber account on the iOS or Android app. What’s more, in order to access the application you will use your phone number as your user account. So you will be able to use this utility across platforms with users that are using a different device than yours.

The other new feature is the ability to make video calls. Up until now, you could only use the instant messaging and phone calls service. But, with this new version, included initially on the desktop version, this new feature will also be available.

Along with these new features, its developers have announced recently that they have surpassed 200 million registered users from 193 countries, which is a considerable increase when you take into account that in February they had just reached 175 million.

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