Millions of people use Facebook every day to upload their photos and videos, comment on posts, or Like their favorite pages. Facebook, in turn, collects this extensive and exhaustive data and keeps it on its servers. Any person on your Friends list can get this info easily unless you’ve done something to remedy it. And now this is disturbingly more accessible thanks to a new webpage that scrapes Facebook to find out everything about you.

Facebook Stalkscan

Facebook launched the Graph Serch engine in 2013. This tool lets you exhaustively search all info available on the social network. The controversy surrounding it made Facebook quiet down the fanfare, but the service hasn’t stopped running in the four years since it’s been active. Hence a self-proclaimed ethical hacker named Inti De Ceukelaire has developed Stalkscan, a website where you can discover all sorts of info offered freely on Facebook profiles – ranging from which photos people have Liked to their political leanings, the latest games they’ve played, and the places they’ve checked in.

The amount of available info is tremendous and reveals how much we reveal on our social networks. Plus the site also lets you specify in great detail all the data you want to find, such as, for example, the Likes and comments one person has left for another, specific person. Or find all the pics of an old classmate when she was, I dunno, 23 or something. A dangerously ideal tool for stalkers.

Facebook Stalkscan

Stalkscan was created to raise awareness around all the details people can find out about you with a simple search. The way it works is as simple as inserting the URL for a Facebook friend and – voilà. That said, you have to log in to Facebook to discover these details. And best of all is that this tool simply highlights everything that Facebook already knows and reveals. Nothing illegal about it as it simply makes use of the contacts on your social networks.

The creator recommends in an interview that you use Stalkscan to find out how much info you yourself have allowed to be shared. All you have to do is check out the page of anyone in your Friends list to find all this out. A good, if rattling way to protect your privacy. And if you need help, we leave you with this article that explains how to keep all your social network info private.

More info | Stalkscan


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