Valve had never paid much attention to the official app for the Steam platform, but in recent months that trend has changed completely. Steam 2.1 for Android finally includes practically all the features of the desktop client, including access to the Communities, live streams of games, and the use of the object and card market.

The main feature of the app is still present: The Steam Guard protection makes it so to go into your account from the desktop client you have to insert a code that you can only get via your smartphone. Beyond that you can browse through the entire game store, buy titles, view all your profile date, chat with contacts, and get notifications from the app on your home screen.


The aforementioned novelties fill the holes related to social interaction: you can access the community activity section on certain games and live streams of other players’ games, with a window at the bottom of the screen where you can chat in real time. Best of all, the app finally has an interface that’s up to scratch for its purposes: it’s fast and easy to browse between the different sections via the sidebar.




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