Black Friday has become a global institution over the past few years. This shopping holiday started in the United States but has now massively globalized. Loads of stores now take part in it, starting the day after Thanksgiving and even carrying on through the week after. We know that preparing for Black Friday can get chaotic, what with all the stores and deals available. A real mess. That’s why we’ve picked out several Android apps to make your life simpler on Black Friday.

Black Friday Android

Stores with their own apps

It’s hard to find stores that don’t have their own apps these days. It’s just a very good way to help shoppers spend their money. Not all of them have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon, though, so we’ve selected a smattering that have already confirmed their sales for the day. We’ve also tried to cover a good array so there’s no lack of variety.


One of the Internet’s shopping giants won’t miss its annual date with Black Friday. The app offers easy navigation to sale items and 1-click checkout. Its catalogue is huge and has practically everything. Don’t miss out on any of the flash offers, as they’re limited to a max number of products. [Download]


The app for the French shopping chain is very functional. Comfortable, with clear buttons that are simple to use – all the essential features, basically, for shopping from your Android. Keep an eye out for the flash deals and tech sales from this flagship European retail chain. [Download]


The Swedish superstore has shaken up how the world buys furniture and other home furnishings. The app offers info on the Ikea catalog and available deals – and Black Friday is no exception. This app works like a shopping list and also indicates item availability in your nearest store. [Download]


The explosion of the AliExpress market has been tremendous. You might even say it’s a game changer, with its infinite catalog of all kinds of products. Its works just like its website: you can buy items from different sellers, add things to your wishlist, and much more. They’ve just had a big sale for “Singles Day” (11/11) but they certainly won’t miss the chance to do something for Black Friday. [Download]


Gamers are in luck with Steam. The Valve platform has shaken up how people buy and sell video games. Especially on PC. Steam always takes advantage of any holiday to offer some great deals. They did it in previous years so this Black Friday will be no exception. Check out the Steam app for discounts, buy the games you want, and much more. You do need to be registered first to do all that, though. [Download]

Black Friday Aplicaciones

Catalogs for brick-and-mortar store offers

We know how hard it is to try to cover all the stores offering discounts this Black Friday. That’s why apps with catalogs from several stores are essential. Being able to find out all the info in one place could be a solution for people who don’t want to mess with a million different apps on their devices.


This app lets you view catalogs from loads of nearby stores. It has good info on locales and keeps you up to date on available deals. This Black Friday you can find sales in the associated stores so it’s a good app to have on hand. That said, it doesn’t allow purchases from the app itself. [Download]


This catalog aggregator is very useful in the countries where it operates (United States, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and France): it keeps you updated on the best deals from loads of different establishments. All in a super-clean interface – which means that finding out which stores close by are participating in Black Friday is simpler than ever. [Download]


Get the best prices with this app that compares the prices on more than four million available products in selected stores. Thanks to it your Black Friday preparations can be better organized than ever and you can check the total price difference between all establishments. [Download]

Black Friday Android

Exclusive Black Friday offers

If you just can’t get enough with the apps you’ve selected, we’ll sign off with a couple more focused exclusively on Black Friday. They do tend to be focused on US stores only, but lots of them can ship worldwide so maybe they’re worth checking out anyway.

Black Friday – Best Deals

If you want to keep up with all the Black Friday news, this is your app. Besides keeping you informed, you can check out the different sales as they’re announced. It’s a simple app but it gets the job done brilliantly. [Download]

Black Friday 2016 Ads App

Thanks to this app you can find out about the best Black Friday sales. It has a categories sections where you can do extensive product searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. It also has a wishlist where you can add the stuff you want to buy. [Download]

Black Friday Android

Finally, shopping is all fine and good. But now that you’ve bought all this stuff, what about your wallet? You might want to organize your funds before going on a spending spree so you don’t get too light-headed when you come back and check your bank account. Monefy is a great option to do that thanks to its high level of customization and simple interface. A good money manager to handle Black Friday spending as wisely as possible. [Download]


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