The music streaming service par excellence brings us surprises now and then that brighten up the lives of those of us who love it. Spotify has consolidated its position over time and the loyalty of its users has led it to develop features for an ever more customized experience. Proof of that is in the custom playlists based on your musical tastes. Today, on the occasion of the rollout of a new kind of mix, we’ve put together a small collection of all these personal playlists you can access from Spotify.


Discover Weekly

The first custom playlist released by Spotify has become a weekly ritual of mine for finding new and usually unknown music that has a lot in common with the songs I’ve been listening to in recent weeks. Every Monday can be a day of discovery with this playlist. You’ll be surprised at how well these songs marry with your personal taste, but it has everything to do with a super-clever algorithm the company bought in 2014 that takes into account other users’ playlists and the microgenres you listen to. This article explains how this magic mechanism works and helps make your Mondays so much sunnier.

Release Radar

In August of last year, Spotify decided to put together a new custom playlist with 2 hours of new music from artists you’ve listened to before. It’s a great addition that does the hard work of swimming through the daily releases that come out on Spotify and netting in the tracks that suit your tastes in a highly effective way. As with the Discover Weekly playlist, the more you listen to music on Spotify, the better this section works. If you want to add this list to your timeline, look for it in the Explore tab.


Summer Rewind

Spotify brings back the best vacation vibes with this fully customized playlist that hits you with the tracks you’ve burned through most often over past summers. This playlist is based on songs you’ve listened to during those hazy months of sunshine and beach time, no matter when the tracks were released. And no, it’s not necessarily endless Beach Boys – it’s a custom experience that recaps what you’ve enjoyed most during your summer holidays.

Time Capsule

The success of Summer Rewind prompted the birth of this new list that nostalgics shouldn’t miss out on for anything in the world. This playlist collects 30 songs from your youth that should take you on a nice trip down memory lane. I’ve been listening to legends like Radiohead, Pulp, and Dr. Dre that kept me company through a good chunk of my youth. This compendium of memories is based on your age and the songs you’ve played most in your Spotify history. A great addition that’s sure to make more than one of you tear up.