Today, we use tablets, computers, and cellphones for everything, both in the workplace and in our spare time. Technology plays an increasingly more important role in the world in which we live; but, in spite of these technological advances, the rules of the game remain the same: He who controls communications, rules the world. All the big companies are fighting this battle right now with their instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, LINE, and Google Hangouts. So, it’s completely normal for Microsoft to also want piece of the pie, which has once again improved Skype.

Skype absorbe Windows Live Messenger cabecera

Up until now, Skype was just Microsoft’s video call and chat VOIP service, which had more than 500,000,000 users. And, despite having a more-than-decent amount of call traffic, instant messaging between users hasn’t been as successful. It seems as though the boys at Microsoft are working hard to change that, as they have launched a redesigned Android app, version 4.0, with an improved user interface that focuses more on making it easy for the user to access the instant messaging service from within the application.


Although the new update focuses on instant messaging, that isn’t all that it includes. The new version is much more stable, and consumes less than its predecessor. Now you can easily use the app without worrying about using up your battery, or flaws that cause your phone to be less stable. The interface on other platforms is practically the same, so it doesn’t pose a problem if you use more than one type of device.

Currently, Skype is synonymous with video conferencing, and even if the average user doesn’t consider it as another option for instant messaging, focusing on a platform such as Android, which is taking over the world of communications, is a smart move. Now all that remains to be seen is how the new app moves on the market, and if it is capable of competing with giants such as WhatsApp or LINE, which have 250 and 100 million users respectively.

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