The newest version of Skype for Android (6.11) incorporates new features focused on chatting with your contacts, in particular related to administering your conversations, local recording of received videomessages, and improvements to content sharing.

Skype has been endlessly tweaking its service since it unified all Microsoft’s messaging tools into one place. In this case, after giving a proper facelift to the desktop client—as well as releasing a version for browsers—it’s now the turn of the smartphone app, which is increasingly more like a chat service than a videoconferencing platform.


These are the main novelties:

  • Chat management: Now you can decide what to do with each conversation with contacts and groups by doing a long tap on one of them, which will give you options to erase, silence , or mark the thread as read.
  • Local recording of videomessages: Skype lets you send short videos in your chat conversations. Now when you tap one you can save it to your device’s image gallery.
  • Improved search: The tool’s content search now also takes into account the chat contents as well as the name of each group or contact.
  • Share with groups: Now you can directly select one or several photos from the app from the device’s gallery and send them to a Skype group.

More information | Skype Blog


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