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The world of gaming is increasingly governed by complicated control systems. Thousands of available button combos boggle the mind. Luckily, the Android game ecosystem tends to calm people's thirst for something simpler with games you can play just by tapping the screen. The problem is that there appears to be...
LeapDroid es un emulador de Android para Windows que sacrifica características adicionales en pos de una virtualización estable y fluida.
Yahoo! has completely redesigned its email service, and has launched an app for Windows 8. Yahoo is doing its best to survive as it fights against the current of other email services. The new design will be implemented across all platforms, including its apps for iOS and Android. After Bing...
We've selected ten of the best games from Nitrome, one of the highest-quality videogame companies that develops games for mobile devices.
Hop Swap is a new video game by the prolific Nitrome. An original platformer where you'll have two different worlds for you to delve into.
Rust Bucket has elements from the popular roguelike genre offering a turn-based adventure where your every move is of utmost importance.
Ever since Shigeru Miyamoto released what's probably the most important game in history, Super Mario Bros., jumping has become the axis around which most games have pivoted. It's clear that with the passing of time the jump is not as important as it used to be, but the move has still...
We've selected 30 of the best MMORPGs for Android that have successfully transferred the full experience to mobile devices.
Strategy games may make up one of the most classic genres that exist, but that hasn't stopped it from evolving once again to meet its fans on mobile devices.
As Halloween draws near, it's essential to download the best spooky apps and horror filters for TikTok and Instagram Stories.