10 games from Nitrome that you don’t want to miss

We've selected ten of the best games from Nitrome, one of the highest-quality videogame companies that develops games for mobile devices.

Nitrome is one of the companies from the world of videogames that we talk most about around here. And there’s a good reason for that. Nitrome makes a huge effort to create original games that always keep the mobile platform in mind. From this British developer, you can expect creations that come wrapped in a fantastic package, with interesting gameplay, or new twists on traditional ideas. Thus, we’d like to take this opportunity to pay homage to this company with a selection of ten of its best games available for mobile devices. 

top nitrome featured 10 games from Nitrome that you don't want to miss

Hop Swap

Jumping may be one of the core moves in the history of videogames, considering there’s an entire genre based on this move alone. Hop Swap is a different sort of platformer; although jumping is necessary, it’s more of a way to continue advancing in the game. Here the important skill your character needs is to be able to adequately navigate between two worlds, as if each new obstacle in your path were a puzzle you have to solve. This duality in the settings can be enjoyed along with its clever visuals. [Download]

hop swap

Nano Golf

Our first experience with Nano Golf made us wonder if we were playing a game from Nitrome or Ketchapp. The simplicity of its shapes may have confused us, but that doesn’t mean we’re disappointed in the least. The opposite, actually. The simplicity of the controls in this golf game make it much more approachable than other games from the developer. But don’t go thinking that it’s going to be a walk in the park. The game gets more and more complicated with each new level. Plus, what other golf game has you face final bosses? [Download]

Nano Golf


It’s time for dungeons and the untimely deaths they tend to entail. This is especially true in Redungeon, a fun roguelike that will have you ready to bite the dust time and time again. The game isn’t excessively difficult, but you have to learn how to react to each obstacle the game throws at you along the way. The only way to learn is to die a thousand deaths until you really get the hang of it. Once you finally get a handle on the basics, you can start having a great time with this game that’s packed with surprises. [Download]


Turn Undead

Although Nitrome has games from all different genres, puzzles camouflaged as platformers seem to be their favorite style. Turn Undead puts you in the shoes of a vampire hunter and other nocturnal creatures. And while you may be expecting an action game, this game takes its mysterious concept and “scary” characters in a different direction, offering us intricate puzzles to solve. It’s a game that will take you back to the 16-bit era thanks to its lovely retro graphics. [Download]

turn undead

Tower Fortress

Pixels and chiptunes are two of the basic building blocks of every Nitrome game. Tower Fortress embraces these two features in an action platformer that’s played vertically. More complex than the average videogame, Tower Fortress makes jumping an art form. Special mention goes to its multiple weapons and armor that you can use to try to survive in this fortress dripping with evil. [Download]

Tower Fortress

Flat Pack

It’s hard not to be reminded of the great Fez when we sink our teeth into Flat Pack; another platformer from Nitrome that offers some fantastic production values and that, in this case, plays around with perspective. It’s a great game that knows how to mix 2D with 3D throughout more than 30 levels. Spoiler alert: it’s not going to be easy. Some obstacles even seem like they’re out to get you. But hey, the development is awesome and it’s worth every second you spend playing it. [Download]

Flat Pack

Slime Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Well, we’re not sure if our gelatinous friend in Slime Pizza is a fan of the Italian creation or not, but we do know that it’s our job to help him collect all the slices if we want to make it out of the game a winner. To do this, you have to move between the platforms in the game with two things in mind: that your character will stick to the walls and that his moves are based on throwing him Angry Birds-style. A mini-metroidvania that doesn’t disappoint. [Download]

slime pizza

Leap Day

Once again we’re back to jumping as one of the main mechanisms is this fun platformer, where you can’t control the direction of your character. Your character in Leap Day constantly moves from side to side and you’re in charge of making him jump to climb higher and higher. And it’s not easy; the endless obstacles make reaching your goals a pain. It’s an outstanding game that gives you a new screen every day to complete. And it just might be the most well-known of all of Nitrome’s games. [Download]

leap day

Stretch Dungeon

By now, we’re used to playing endless characters of all shapes and sizes. But what’s not quite as usual is controlling the actual setting of the game. However, that’s exactly what you’re going to do in the great Stretch Dungeon. Your goal is to take this friendly little prisoner as far as possible. And to do this you have to use a control system that’s both excellent and simple: the walls of the dungeon compress when you tap the screen. It’s a clever gameplay that will have you bouncing and dodging between obstacles as your little inmate descends at full speed. Stretch Dungeon is a brilliant game that everyone should play. [Download]

stretch dungeon

Drop Wizard Tower

Sometimes the line between homage and plagiarism is thin and hard to see, but in Drop Wizard Tower, that’s not a problem. The influences we see in this Nitrome game are classics like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros, but luckily they only serve as a starting point. Here you won’t be able to jump wherever you want, but instead, you have to complete individual screens from top to bottom, with both ends being connected in an endless loop until you finish. It’s a nice little trick to give the game an original touch and to provide us with an experience that brings both old and new together. [Download]

drop wizard


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