Yahoo! has completely redesigned its email service, and has launched an app for Windows 8. Yahoo is doing its best to survive as it fights against the current of other email services. The new design will be implemented across all platforms, including its apps for iOS and Android.

yahoo mail nuevo Yahoo! Mail changes its look and makes the leap to Windows 8

After Bing superseded the legendary search engine towards the beginning of the year, Yahoo! found itself struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Google watched on like vultures waiting for their next meal to collapse. But a miracle happened this summer, and the once giant proved that it wasn’t going down without a fight.

In a surprising move, Marissa Mayer, who joined Google as its employee number 20, abandoned her position to become Yahoo!’s CEO in July, what undoubtedly appeared as a risky move for what seemed to be the losing horse.

Little was known about the company’s new strategy up until her most recent statements in which she revealed Yahoo!’s goal to make mobile devices one of its main objectives.

Surprisingly, the statements hardly even mention Flickr, a service that has devout followers, and which has little real competition. But, mysteriously Yahoo! has displayed a complete lack of interest towards the service, if you take into account the few changes that have been made. Perhaps with a good strategy they could clean it up a bit and put it back in the display case.

El aspecto de Yahoo! Mail en Windows 8

But for now, the new CEO’s efforts are centered around the email service, and the first step was to change its appearance. The new design aims for minimalism, which prevails today among services such as Gmail and the recently renovated Outlook. The web client will adapt little by little, while the mobile apps and Windows 8 already have the new interface.

It is definitely a worthy attempt to compete with the giants, and that’s always a good thing, but Yahoo! will have to hurry if it really wants to become even close to what it used to be. Perhaps the key is to not try to imitate what is already out there, but to offer something really different than the rest. Either way, it’s the first step, and it looks like they’ve taken it in the right direction.

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